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There are many factors that influence the price of a piano. The quality of materials and the style of veneers used can affect the cost of a grand. The quality of materials used in a grand piano is a key factor in the final price. A grand piano is built with a combination of different materials, and each one contributes to the final price. Wood veneers are expensive, so manufacturers must take special care in sourcing them from specific forests. After selecting the hardwood, it must be air-dried and transported to the factory.

Before you make your purchase, you’ll need to decide what type of keyboard you want. For younger kids, you might choose a smaller keyboard with fewer octaves. A large keyboard will have more notes and have a larger range of sounds. The next-smallest keyboard will have 76 keys and have three extra octaves. Generally, the larger the keyboard, the more detailed the key action will be. Piano store in Borivali,Mumbai

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